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The Friends of Twin Lakes is a non-profit organization formed to promote improvements in services and amenities available to us, whether we live here permanently, enjoy a vacation home here, are visiting, or just passing through the area.

Please join us at our Member Meeting:
February 10, 2018 at 10:00 AM in the Schoolhouse, 231 LANG ST. 

BINGO -Bingo on December 13th at 4:30 PM at the Schoolhouse, 231 Lang St., Twin Lakes.  We will start with sharing holiday appetizers brought by those in attendance.  Please bring your own beverages.

Next Movie Club Gathering December 20th AT 2:00 pm at 48 Lang St. (opposite end of Village from Schoolhouse).  We are fortunate to have a professor and screenwriter offer to lead us in this new activity.   Denise Hagerty will lead us through a movie to help us see more of the symbolism and impact of effects that we may not have noticed previously.  The upcoming movie:

The Shop Around the Corner ~ based on Miklós László’s 1936 play and directed by Ernst Lubitsch, known for his warm and touching films, this 1940 B & W film stars James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, and Frank Morgan (the actor who played the wizard in The Wizard of Oz).  The storyline (to avoid giving too much away) is about the relationship between two employees in a Hungarian leather goods store.  It received 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes film review site and appears on every top 25 Christmas films.  The film is a sweet, fun, family-friendly film that offers much warmth and heart for the season! 
For additional details, please see the information and documents attached below on this page.

Progressive Celebration on December 24th ~ sharing the holidays with your community.  Three of our members are spearheading a community event that requires an RSVP.  The event will start at Lisa Boemke’s home in Gordon Acres at 3:30 PM, from there it will go to Cornelia Patti’s home in the Village, concluding with Susie and Bobby Ramsdale coordinating the last stop at the Twin Lakes Schoolhouse, 231 Lang.  We anticipate that the event will be over before 8:00 and we will send directions to all who RSVP.  We need you to RSVP by replying to this email or sending an email to by December 21st because, depending upon participation, our coordinators may request help bringing food.

At the Schoolhouse, for those who want to participate, we ask that you bring two gifts under $20 for a “Thieving Elves” gift exchange (to be explained at the event).  You are not obligated to participate, but it should be great fun.  Please bring your favorite beverage to the Schoolhouse.

“This Wonderful Life” the one-man show starring  Jim Leaming will be presented at the Twin Lakes Schoolhouse (231 Lang) onJanuary 5th and 6th, 2018 from 7:00 to ~8:20 pm.  Relive the magical and heartwarming story of George Bailey and the effect his life has on others around him.  Jim brings to life George Bailey, Clarence, Mr. Potter, Mary and others from the community of Bedford Falls.  See the Youtube link below to get a flavor of  this delightful show.

  • Following the show, the bar at the Twin Lakes Inn will be open for approximately two hours.
  • Cost:  $20 per ticket ($15 for the cost of the show and the other $5 from each ticket is being donated to Friends of Twin Lakes).
  • How to get tickets:  Send an email to for an initial ticket reservation.  Please indicate your preferred date and, in the event that date is sold out, if you would accept the other night.    (Space is limited to 52 seats per night due to occupancy restrictions). 
  • Mail your check or money order to Friends of Twin Lakes, 231 Lang St., Twin Lakes, CO  81251.
  • We will provide tickets at the show that you can use for tax records for the $5 donation on each ticket.
  • Here’s the Youtube link to the Demo on “This Wonderful Life” at
  • Facebook Page:
We invite you to share this email with your neighbors and friends as we celebrate community together at “This Wonderful Life.”

WAYS TO HELP IN AN EMERGENCY…HAM RADIO TRAINING OPPORTUNITY.  Saturday, January 27 at 11:00, for the amateur radio test, which will occur at the Chaffee County EOC at the Land Fill.  Please see the attached flyer.  You can test at any level and will need to preregister (link on flyer).   There is also a link to study materials.  Another source of study materials for Technician or General is which Bob Witte K0NR highly recommends.  

Thanks to Nick Meacher AA0NM and the Patriot VE Team for spearheading this effort.  Please let anyone you know who is interested in testing about the exam session. Jim Willut contact 719-207-2567 for questions, click following link for details and registration.2017 01 27 Chaffee Co


Movie Club is led by Denise Hagerty.  She will lead us through a movie to help us see more of the symbolism and impact of effects that we may not have noticed previouslyAttached is a list of films to choose from, in addition, SHE ALSO OFFERS TO LET PEOPLE BORROW HER FILMS FOR INDIVIDUAL VIEWING.  She typed up all her films and then put a few notes about the tone (e.g. violent, light-hearted, etc.).  In addition to the list of films, you may want to look at her former syllabus (with pages about attendance, school policy etc. removed).  Please see attachments for details.

Film List

ENG 117 syll FALL 2015 PDF (1)

Movie elements


YOGA CLASSES .  Our instructor, Matt Hakala, made a video of the practice sequence we followed at  Click on bios link for information on instructor Matt Hakala.  Bios.

NATIVE NATIONS SEMINARS are over for this season, however, we will keep up the materials links provided for those of you interested in learning more.  Seminars were presented by Judy Leaming, Esq., an attorney and educator who has worked with Indian Tribes for 30 years.  Judy provided historical/cultural presentations from the tribal perspective starting with before nonnative contact to contemporary issues.   Native Nation Seminars overview;   October 8th materials:  Native Nations Justice Systems & Jurisdiction-10-8-16; September 10th materials:  2016 U.S. Assimilation Policies; August 13th class materials:  2016 Contemporary Issues and Cultural Sovereignty Indian Country;  July 9th Class materials:  2016 Federal Policy in Indian Country 7-9-16 seminar;  June 11 Class:  2016 Outline for June 11Native Nations Early years  European Doctrines.



BECOME BEAR AWARE!   Visit this web link for more information and details:

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